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Take Me Home Registry

How Does It Work?

Watch this video from the County News Center to learn more about how the Sheriff's Take Me Home Program can help you.

Take Me Home Program

Helping at-risk San Diegans get home safely.

Getting lost is scary and can be dangerous. Especially for someone living with dementia, autism, or other developmental disabilities. Ask yourself: Could your loved one communicate their name and address if they were lost? If the answer is no, or may change at some point, consider enrolling in the Take Me Home program. The Take Me Home program is a safety net for the future, so you can have peace of mind today. This information is confidential, and can only be accessed by law enforcement in an emergency. You can sign your loved one up for the Take Me Home program by contacting your local Crime Prevention Specialist, or by clicking the blue registration button above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Take Me Home Program?

The registry gives law enforcement quick access to critical information about a registered person with disabilities in case of an emergency.

Who is eligible?

All members of the community with a cognitive impairment or disability that may affect their ability to communicate.

What should I do if my loved one goes missing?

Call 911 immediately and explain that your loved one has dementia or another disability. If they are enrolled in Take Me Home, be sure to let the dispatcher know that as well. How will this help? Information about their physical appearance, the most likely places they would go, as well as triggers and de-escalation techniques will be sent to all law enforcement in the area to look for the missing person.