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This interactive program stars Simon the Safety Bloodhound. Simon dreams of being a search and rescue dog, but he has problems remembering all the tips to stay safe. Together with his partner, Pam Medhurst, Simon explores all the safety tips while out hiking including, how to plan for a hike, what to take with him, and what to do if he gets lost. Simon also reviews who he can talk to if he needs help.

Simon may look like a puppet (Don’t tell him that!) but he easily engages children of all ages. He tailors the program to a variety of age groups. Preschool through third grade work best for this program. The program is 30- 45 minutes including questions for Simon. Groups of up to 40 work well. Simon can accommodate two presentations in one day if your venue has more kids.

At the end of the program, Simon always has something special for each child.

Many times Simon is able to bring a certified Search and Rescue Dog with him for the kids to meet and greet. Be sure and ask about availability of these specially trained, gentle and loving dogs.

Ask Simon

If you have a question for Simon, use the form to the right to ask him. Be sure to include your email address and Simon will write back to you. Adults are welcome to contact Simon about making appearances, too. If you have trouble reaching Simon with the form, feel free to contact him by emailing

Click on Simon’s fingers below to see his answers to some commonly asked questions.

How can I stay safe while hiking? What if I get bullied? Question 2 Why do I need an adult at the pool? What if a stranger approaches me?