San Diego County Sheriff's Department
Special Enforcement Detail
1745 N. Marshall Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020
Business Phone:  (619) 956-4900

The San Diego Sheriff's Departments Special Enforcement Detail (S.E.D.) is a full-time tactical team whose mission is to provide a variety of support services to our department, as well as to other public safety agencies throughout the region.

The S.E.D. operates on a mission basis and each mission is prioritized.  Examples of services provided include tactical support, high-risk warrant service, directed patrol investigative support, chemical agent support, crowd control, specialized training, crowd control, dignitary protection, detentions support, court services support, and special events.

S.E.D. includes a Special Response Team (S.R.T.) and a team of Law Enforcement Reserve deputies.

S.E.D.'s expertise includes the following highly specialized areas:

▪ Tactical deployment of chemical agents
▪ Less lethal weaponry
▪ Tactical emergency medical technicians
▪ Close quarter battle
▪ Tactical operations
▪ Mobile field force operations
▪ Long rifle operators
▪ Explosive methods of entry
▪ Special weapons and ammunitions
▪ Light rope rappelling
▪ Weapons of mass destruction
▪ Metropolitan medical strike team