San Diego SAFE Task Force

Sex Offender Statistics

Sex Offender Registrations

There are a total of 4,142 Sex Registrants residing within San Diego County and over 98% of them are currently in compliance with the conditions of their registration. There are 2,312 Sex Registrants listed by full address, 586 listed by zip code only and 1,244 that are not posted or excluded from being listed on the public website. Of the 4,142 Sex Registrants living in San Diego County, 534 are registered as transient.

Registrants in the Community

The database reports there are 2,222 white registered offenders, 934 Hispanic registered offenders and 692 black registered offenders. The remaining 294 offenders are listed as American Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Guamanian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Laotian, Other Asian, Pacific Islander, Samoan, Vietnamese and Other, Unknown.

There are 620 Sex Registrants currently supervised by State Parole, 399 currently on County Probation and 39 offenders that have absconded and now have active warrants.

The SAFE Task Force works in conjunction with the San Diego County Probation Department and the State Department of Corrections, Parole Division, in conducting warrantless searches (commonly referred to as “probation,” “parole,” or “4th waiver” searches). The use of these searches is a valuable tool in assuring offenders are not violating the law or their conditions of probation/parole, while also serving as a method to confirm registered sex offenders are living at the address they declare with authorities.

Investigations & Arrests

In 2017, the SAFE task force conducted 3,161 total Sex Registrant Audits and made 103 total arrests. 98 cases were submitted to the City Attorney or District Attorney's Office for review.

Megan’s Law Links

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