The San Diego County Sheriff's Department maintains an Online Warrant Information database.  You can check to see if you or someone else has an active arrest warrant issued out of any San Diego Superior Court.  Only adult, criminal defendant warrants are listed in this database. The information provided may be up to 24 hours old at any given time. 

Arrest Warrant Online Database
Warrants and Bail Notices Information
Warrant and Fugitive Tip Form

To clear an outstanding warrant and to find out when you should be at the courthouse to appear on your warrant, see our Warrant and Bail page for detailed information.

If the warrant has already been taken care of, but the warrant is still showing active in the database, the defendant would in most instances be referred to the court of issue. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department does not have the court file, nor the authority to recall a warrant based on any kind of paperwork produced by the defendant.