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What Parents Need to Know

The following early warning signs, should not be overlooked:

  • Drop in academic/work performance - Check with teachers and/or employers about your child’s performance.
  • Loss of motivation/always tired - Do activities warrant your child’s behavior?  Does your child have an underlying medical condition?
  • Frequently finds ways to get away - Keep track of where your child is going, where he/she is going and where he/she says he/she will be.  Verify activities, check text messages, e-mails, and social networking accounts.
  • Money issues - Users will become very manipulative and use every excuse to get money.
  • Items missing from house - Users will do anything to support their addiction, including stealing from family and or others.
  • Stories that don’t make sense – Addicts lie about everything.  Their stories become confusing and, often times, don’t make sense or directly contradict something they recently said.
  • Storage areas - Regularly check bedrooms, bathrooms, cars, and backpacks.
  • Paraphernalia – Look for foil, hollowed-out pens, hose clamps, etc.  Check the odometer in your child’s car.  Kids are going to and from Mexico; in some cases, several times a day.

Physical Symptoms of Use/Signs of Withdrawals:

  • Extreme loss of appetite and weight
  • Depression
  • Watery/sunken eyes
  • Perpetually tired
  • Poor complexion or sickly appearance
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness/falling asleep at odd times
  • Frequently sick, joint/muscle pain
  • Tremors, twitching, and excessive scratching
  • May appear intoxicated with no signs of alcohol use