Ranchita Substation

San Diego County Sheriff's
Ranchita Substation

25704 San Felipe Road (S-2)

Warner Springs, CA 92086



Emergency:  9-1-1

Dispatch: (858) 565-5200

Business: (760) 782-3353

Fax: (760) 782-4106




Lt. Damon Blankenbaker

The Ranchita Substation was opened in 1993. Prior to 1993 resident deputies worked from home. The substation provides law enforcement services to the communities of Warner Springs and Ranchita. Within these areas are several Indian Reservations - Santa Ysabel, Los Coyotes and Mesa Grande.

The substation is responsible for one-third of the county - just over 1,400 square miles from the Mexican border to the Riverside County line, and from the Imperial County line to the eastern slopes of Palomar Mountain. The Warner Springs Ranch area is a tourist location with natural hot springs, golf course, and a glider port that brings in thousands of visitors throughout the year.

This area is patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department. Services include law enforcement, off-road enforcement, crime prevention, senior volunteer patrol, school resource officer, and more.




Mission Statement:  To conduct meaningful and constructive dialogues between the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and citizens in the Rural Enforcement Division on law enforcement concerns, issues and priorities and ensure that the citizens’ expressed concerns are addressed in a collaborative and effective manner.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department initiated the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) based upon the recognition that members of the community are an integral part of any law enforcement strategy.  The department knows the community has insights and perspectives that can assist Sheriff's deputies control and prevent crimes in the communities they serve.  Thus, the CAG provides a forum to encourage open communication between law enforcement and the community.  The Ranchita CAG hopes to foster a greater sense of ownership on behalf of the citizens in addition to a greater sense of collaboration with law enforcement officials in the east county.