Ramona Substation

San Diego County Sheriff's
Ramona Substation

1424 Montecito Road

Ramona, CA 92065-5200



Emergency:  9-1-1

Dispatch: (858) 565-5200

Business: (760) 789-9157

Fax: (760) 788-9077




Known as the Valley of the Sun and the Heart of San Diego County, Ramona is approximately thirty six miles from San Diego, but a true world away. The hustle and bustle of the “big city” gives way as soon as you make your way onto Main Street and, somehow, you know you are about to have at least one foot in history.

Originally known as Nuevo, the current town of Ramona was founded in 1886 by Milton Santee who created the Santa Maria Land and Water Company and, as part of that effort, acquired the 3200 acres that would become the town site.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has been protecting this rural area with Deputies assigned to keep the peace in the backcountry since the department’s humble beginnings in 1850.

Currently the Ramona Substation patrols over 150 square miles with a population of about 38,000 residents (per 2014 SANDAG estimate). Ramona has the highest concentration of wineries in the County and is also home to a historic equestrian community. Some local businesses around rural Main Street still have hitching posts for those who ride horses into town.

The Substation provides twenty-four hour law enforcement services to the community of Ramona. We are staffed by 27 deputies, three professional staff members, five sergeants, and a lieutenant. We work in close partnership with the community to keep Ramona safe. The collaboration bears fruit that can be seen in the overall crime rate, which has consistently been one of the lowest in the County for several years running.

The Substation also boasts a dedicated and enthusiastic team of twenty-eight Senior Volunteer Patrol members and ten Mounted Patrol Volunteers. This group of volunteers is extremely generous with their time and effort in service to their community. They provide essential safety services and help improve the overall quality of life for those fortunate enough to live in Ramona.


Cedar Creek Falls Safety


If you are planning to visit Cedar Creek Falls, there are new rules for the safe enjoyment of the park.

  • Visitors are required to have a permit. The permit costs $6 and may be reserved at www.recreation.gov. Only 75 permits per day will be issued.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the area
  • No jumping or diving from the cliffs
  • Swimming is allowed
  • No motorized vehicles on the trail
  • Horses and bicycles are allowed
  • Cars blocking roadways and driveways on the trailhead will be towed at owner’s expense
  • The trail is a challenging 5.5 miles roundtrip with no shade from the sun. The hike back is mostly uphill. It’s not for beginners
  • Leave your dog at home. The trail is not easy on the paws because it is littered with sharp rocks and the surface gets very hot
  • Dress appropriately for the hike and each person will need a gallon of water
  • Cell phone signal is limited in the area

Sheriff’s Deputies and U.S. Forest Service Rangers will strictly enforce the permit requirements and the ban on alcohol and cliff jumping. They will take appropriate law enforcement actions on violations of local, state and federal laws, which can include a citation or arrest and fines.




Patrol deputies respond to calls for service 24 hours a day.  Each patrol deputy is assigned to a geographical “beat” area which enables the deputies to become familiar with the residents in their “beat” and with the problems in the area.  The “beat” system is a cornerstone of the community oriented policing concept requiring the interaction of neighborhood residents with law enforcement.

Patrol deputies also participate in the community, while on duty, attending Neighborhood Watch meetings and making presentations to youth groups, service groups and schools.




Detectives investigate cases involving theft, physical assaults (excluding homicides), sexual assaults, vandalism, burglaries, annoying phone calls and other crimes. Specialized investigative units such as homicide, bomb/arson, financial crimes, domestic violence, child abuse and narcotics handle specific crimes for the entire Sheriff’s jurisdiction, including the Ramona Substation.


Crime Prevention


Crime prevention specialists assigned to the Ramona Substation provide information and presentations about the following topics:

▪  Residential and Commercial security techniques
▪  Internet Safety
▪  Vehicle Theft Prevention
▪  Identity Theft Protection
▪  Robbery Prevention
▪  Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens
▪  Cons and Frauds
▪  Crime Prevention for Children
▪  Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property (Crime-free Multi Housing)
▪  Neighborhood Watch
▪  Business Watch

For additional information or to schedule a program, contact the Ramona Crime Prevention Unit at (760) 738-2425.


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Community Protection and Evacuation Plan


Ramona Evacuation Map
Instructions for Ramona Evacuation Map
Important phone numbers during an emergency
Complete Community Protection and Evacuation Plan


Senior Volunteers


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol program is designed to draw upon the experience of senior citizens from our community.  The men and women participating in the Ramona Substation’s program provide valuable assistance to existing staff as it strives to increase the quality of life in the community.  These dedicated volunteers, seniors 50 years and older, provide many valuable services to our community including:


▪  Home vacation security checks
▪  Visit the homebound (You Are Not Alone – YANA)
▪  Enforce handicapped parking regulations
▪  Patrol in marked SVP vehicles
▪  Assist Crime Prevention with public presentations
▪  Conduct residential and business security surveys


Volunteers undergo a background check, receive training to perform their duties, and are asked to work a minimum of six hours per week.  Volunteers are always needed.  If interested, please contact (760) 789-9157.


Learn more about the Sheriff's Senior Volunteer Program