Lemon Grove Substation

San Diego County Sheriff's
Lemon Grove Substation

3240 Main Street

Lemon Grove, CA 91945-1705



Emergency:  9-1-1

Dispatch: (858) 565-5200

Business: (619) 337-2000

Fax: (619) 337-2076



Lt. Rand

The large monument of a lemon has attracted people to the center of the city since 1963. From the agricultural roots of a dairy farming community, through the evolution to a large citrus ranch, to the busy small city of today, Lemon Grove residents have enjoyed the bragging rights of having the “Best Climate on Earth” for years.

The Sheriff’s Department has been providing service to the city of Lemon Grove since 1977.

Thirteen deputies, two detectives, three traffic investigators, two sergeants and one Lieutenant provide direct services to the population of 26,611 residents who reside in the 3.9 square miles that make up the city. The contract also affords the city access to other specialized investigations as needed. Lemon Grove is situated on one of the busiest trolley lines in San Diego. The trolley affords the residents great public transportation opportunities to many destinations to the west including the college district, Old Town San Diego and the Gas Lamp area. The Lemon Grove Substation also works very closely with MTS enforcement to help provide safety to our mass transit visitors.

The staff at Lemon Grove understands we cannot stop crime from occurring on our own and actively seek opportunities to partner with our communities to find long lasting safety solutions. We use an Information Led Policing model to put our deputies in the right place to interrupt crimes in progress and use a proactive crime prevention model to get the word out to the community about crime trends and community concerns. Lemon Grove Substation is also proud to have a robust Senior Volunteer group who handle vacation checks, YANA (You are not alone) checks and high visibility community patrol.




Start Smart

The Lemon Grove Substation will be conducting “Start Smart” classes for youthful drivers in the Grossmont Unified High School District. Class size is limited, so please call (619) 337-2000 to reserve your place. A parent/guardian must attend with the student.

Check the Start Smart page for upcoming dates.

Patrol deputies respond to calls for service, 24 hours a day.  Each patrol deputy is assigned to a geographical “beat” area which enables the deputies to become familiar with the residents in their “beat” and with the problems in the area. The “beat” system is a cornerstone of the community oriented policing concept requiring the interaction of neighborhood residents with law enforcement.  Patrol deputies also participate in the community, while on duty, attending Neighborhood Watch meetings and making presentations to youth groups, service groups and schools.



The Traffic Division handles vehicle code enforcement, traffic collision investigations and traffic control within the city of Lemon Grove. The California Highway Patrol is the agency responsible for traffic enforcement in the unincorporated areas throughout the State of California.




Detectives investigate cases involving theft, physical assaults (excluding homicides), sexual assaults, vandalism, burglaries, annoying phone calls and other crimes. Specialized investigative units such as homicide, bomb/arson, financial crimes, child abuse and narcotics handle specific crimes for the entire Sheriff’s jurisdiction, including the Lemon Grove Substation.

Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention Specialists assigned to the Lemon Grove Station provide information and presentations about the following topics:

▪  Residential and Commercial security techniques
▪  Internet Safety
▪  Vehicle Theft Prevention
▪  Identity Theft Protection
▪  Robbery Prevention
▪  Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens
▪  Cons and Frauds
▪  Crime Prevention for Children
▪  Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property (Crime-free Multi Housing)
▪  Neighborhood Watch
▪  Business Watch

For additional information or to schedule a program, contact the Lemon Grove Crime Prevention Unit at (619) 337-2039.


Learn more about the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Program

Senior Volunteers


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol program is designed to draw upon the experience of senior citizens from our community. The men and women participating in the Lemon Grove Substation’s program provide valuable assistance to existing staff as it strives to increase the quality of life in the community. These dedicated volunteers provide many valuable services to our community including:

▪  Home vacation security checks
▪  Visit the homebound (You Are Not Alone –YANA)
▪  Enforce handicapped parking regulations
▪  Patrol in marked SVP vehicles
▪  Assist Crime Prevention with public presentations
▪  Conduct residential and business security surveys

Volunteers undergo a background check, receive training to perform their duties, and are asked to work a minimum of six hours per week.  Volunteers are always needed.  If interested, please contact (619) 337-2000.


Learn more about the Sheriff's Senior Volunteer Program