Regulatory Licenses and Fees

Detailed information is provided for the following licenses/permits:

Alarm System Permit
Concealed Weapons License
Massage Permits
Solicitors/Farmers Market
Taxicab Permit

The fees for the licenses, permits and services provided by the Sheriff are shown as follows:

Licenses and Permits Initial/Permit/Annual Fee Renewal Fee
Adult Entertainment Employee License $277 $1252
Adult Entertainment Establishment License $756 $706
Amusement Establishment License $622/year + $60/device  
Bath-house Permit $614 $589
Bingo License $50/year  
Carnival or Circus License $336/year + $100/day  
Casino Party License $336/event  
Charitable Solicitor Registration $0  
Concealed Weapons License $63.14
(Additional fees required to the State of California, Department of Justice and FBI)
Concealed Weapons License Amendment $10  
Entertainment Establishment License $293/year  
Entertainment Establishment Manager Registration $105/year  
Explosives Permit $640 $437
Firearms Dealer Permit $467 $442
Fireworks Permit $322 $297
Fortune Telling License $275 $250
Junk Yards or Motor Vehicle Wrecking Yards License $394/year  
Massage Establishment License $398 $379
Medical Marijuana Operation Certificate $49,460/year  
Outdoor Assembly License $457/event  
Outdoor Assembly Manager Registration:  Manager Event Registration $105  
Pawnbroker or Second Hand Dealer $427 $401
Public Dance License $235 $210
Public Dance Manager Registration $105/year  
Security Alarm Systems Permit $151  
Solicitor's License $208 $115
Solicitor's ID Cards $105 $80
Swap Meet License $341 + $24/stall $315 + $24/stall
Taxicab Operator's License $155 + $147/cab $130 + $147/cab
Taxicab Driver's Identification Card $103 $38
Teenage Dance License $235 $210
Police Clearance Letter (Good Conduct Letter) $50
Fingerprint Service by License Division $25
Notary $15