License & Registration Division

San Diego Sheriff’s Department Licensing Division
9621 Ridgehaven Ct.
San Diego, CA
(858) 974-2020

The San Diego County Sheriff’s License Division is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of approximately 32 regulatory ordinances and other State mandated licensing requirements within the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.  This division serves as a registration center for those required by law to meet certain criminal registration requirements (ie: sex offender, arsonist, narcotic offenders and gang members). Other services include ink-rolled fingerprinting, notary services and international clearance letters for individuals leaving the US to enter a foreign country. There is a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee for this service. If you need the document notarized, there is an additional fifteen dollar ($15.00) fee for each notarization. This process takes three (3) business days. Individuals wanting a background check within the US or for immigration purposes please contact the Records Division at 858-974-2110.

For more information on regulated ordinances and license applications, please contact the Licensing Division at (858) 974-2020.