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2013 Archive

   DECEMBER 26, 2013

  • Assault Weapons; Manufacturing and Possession
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol; Blood-Draws
  • Privileged Official Information, per E.C. § 1040(b)
  • Aider and Abettor Liability: Continuous Child Abuse, per P.C. § 288.5
  • Search Warrants; Stale Information

   DECEMBER 10, 2013

  • Miranda; Spanish Language Admonishments
  • Fourth Wavier Searches
  • Freedom of Expression and Retaliatory Arrests
  • Gangs, and P.C. §186.22(a)
  • Dirk or Dagger; The “Upon the Person” Element
  • Miranda; Invocation as Impeachment Evidence

   NOVEMBER 25, 2013

  • Standing: Possession of a Searched Cellphone While Denying Ownership
  • Scope of One’s Consent to Search a Cellphone
  • Warrantless Container Searches
  • Search Warrants; Seizing Evidence Outside the Warrant
  • Miranda: Interrogations

   NOVEMBER 13, 2013

  • Hot Pursuit; Warrantless Residential Entries
  • Accessories, per P.C. § 32
  • Requesting Identification & Consensual Encounters
  • Cellphone Use While Driving
  • GPS; Pinging A Cellphone

   OCTOBER 28, 2013

  • Border Searches
  • Arresting an Out of Control Minor per W&I 601/625
  • Vehicle Code Sections 21650 & 21650.1; Bicycles on Sidewalks
  • Fourth Waiver Searches; Property of a Third Person
  • Miranda; Spanish Language Admonishments

   SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

  • Rape, per P.C. § 261(a)(4)
  • Surreptitious Audio-Video Recording in a Suspect’s Home
  • Privileged Official Information, per E.C. § 1040
  • Miranda; Custody
  • Miranda; Offers of Leniency
  • Miranda; Coercion/Voluntariness

   AUGUST 26, 2013

  • Medical Marijuana; Limits on Quantity
  • Open Field’s Doctrine
  • DUI Refusals
  • Fourth Waiver Searches
  • Search Warrants and Probable Cause
  • Arrests and Probable Cause
  • Arrests and Excessive Force
  • Conspiracy and an Officer’s Civil Liability

   JULY 8, 2013

  • Silence and the Fifth Amendment
  • Confessions and Voluntariness
  • Eighth Amendment Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  • Non-Custodial Interrogations and Beheler
  • Texting While Driving, per V.C. §23123.5

   JUNE 14, 2013

  • Parole Interrogations and Custody
  • Two-Step Interrogation Tactics
  • Taking Custody of Seriously Ill Children
  • Detention of an Objecting Parent During Medical Treatment of a Child
  • Switchblade Knives, per P.C. §17235
  • Robbery; Force Used During the Escape

   MAY 4, 2013

  • DUI Arrests and Warrantless Blood Tests
  • Homeless Persons and Personal Property
  • Vehicle Searches and Probable Cause
  • Community Caretaking and Vehicle Impounds
  • Patdowns for Weapons
  • Use of Force; Tasers

   APRIL 12, 2013

  • Residential Searches and Drug-Sniffing Dogs Within the Curtilage
  • Involuntary Confessions and Offers of Leniency
  • Residential Burglary
  • Searches of Vehicles; Probable Cause
  • Use of Force; Pepperball Projectiles
  • Detentions

   MARCH 17, 2013

  • Inadvertent Pre-Trial Suspect Identifications
  • Warrantless Searches of a Vehicle’s SDM with Probable Cause
  • Warrantless Searches of Vehicles as the Instrumentality of the Crime
  • Vehicles and Expectation of Privacy
  • Residential Warrant Searches; Detentions of Occupants
  • Dog Sniffs and Probable Cause

   FEBRUARY 8, 2013

  • Detentions and Patdowns
  • The “Minimal Intrusion Doctrine”
  • Miranda; Readmonishment in Successive Interrogations
  • Tape-Recording Interrogations
  • Tasers and the Use of Force

   JANUARY 2013

  • 13th Annual Search & Seizure Edition

   JANUARY 1, 2013

  • New and Amended Statutes for 2013


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