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2012 Archive

   DECEMBER 26, 2012

  • Curtilage to a Residence
  • Warrantless Residential Entries
  • Invocation of the Right to Silence and Reinitiation of the Interrogation
  • Residential Burglary; Apartment Balconies
  • Consensual Residential Entries
  • Parole Searches of Vehicles

   NOVEMBER 30, 2012

  • Miranda; The Interrogation Element
  • Massiah; Use of an Informant after Appointment of Counsel
  • Expectation of Privacy in a Campsite
  • Threatening or Deterring an Executive Officer, per P.C. §69
  • Protective Sweeps

   NOVEMBER 2, 2012

  • Burglary Tools, per P.C. §466
  • Flight and Detentions
  • Delaying Medical Treatment as a Constitutional Violation
  • Detentions of Witnesses
  • Use of Force on Witnesses
  • Residential Burglary and the Entry of an Internal Room
  • Consent to Search; Groin Searches

   OCTOBER 2, 2012

  • Traffic Stops and Prolonged Detentions
  • Traffic Stops and the Need for a Miranda Admonishment
  • Consent to Search
  • Miranda; Reinitiation of Questioning
  • Offers of Leniency
  • Miranda; An Unequivocal Request for Counsel
  • Miranda; A Moment of Silence as an Invocation
  • Defendant’s Statements; Voluntariness and Coercion
  • Miranda; Seeking Clarification of an Equivocal Invocation
  • Miranda; Equivocal Attempts to Invoke

   SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

  • Burglary; the Entry Element
  • Residences, the Curtilage, and “Knock and Talks”
  • Suspect’s Admissions and Probable Cause to Search
  • Hotel Guest Registers and Privacy Rights
  • Miranda; Reinitiation after Invocation
  • Tape-Recording Suspect Interviews
  • Search Warrants; Property Description

   AUGUST 9, 2012

  • The Odor of Marijuana and Residential Entries
  • Miranda; Invocation in a Non-Custodial Interview
  • Interrogation Tactics
  • Miranda; The Two-Step Interrogation Technique
  • Residential Searches; Consent, Exigent Circumstances, and Plain View
  • Doctrine of Inevitable Discovery
  • Vehicle Searches Incident to Arrest
  • Vehicle Searches with Probable Cause
  • Inevitable Discovery

   JUNE 29, 2012

  • Consent Searches
  • Burglary by Use of an Acetylene Torch (P.C. § 464)
  • Probation Searches and the Standard of Proof
  • Undercover Police Agents and the Fifth and Sixth Amendments
  • Miranda; DUI Drivers and Custody

   MAY 24, 2012

  • Jail Strip Searches
  • Miranda; The Use of a Defendant’s Silence as an Adoptive Admission
  • The Stolen Valor Act: The Unauthorized Wearing of Military Medals
  • Search Warrant Affidavits, Informants, & Probable Cause

   APRIL 19, 2012

  • Miranda; Reinitiation of Questioning after an Invocation
  • The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
  • Vehicle Searches; Warrantless Searches of its Contents
  • Probation Fourth Waiver Searches
  • V.C. § 23123; Cell Phone Use While Driving
  • Expectation of Privacy and the Doctrine of Abandonment

   MARCH 24, 2012

  • Miranda; Interrogation of a Prison Inmate
  • Search Warrants and Qualified Immunity
  • Miranda; Voluntariness
  • Use of Force; Beanbag Shotguns

   FEBRUARY 27, 2012

  • Use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) Device and the Fourth Amendment
  • Use of Force; Tasers and Qualified Immunity
  • Miranda; A Minor’s Request for a Parent
  • Residential Entries

   JANUARY 2012

  • Sixth Amendment Right to an Attorney and to Confrontation

   JANUARY 2012

  • 12th Annual Search & Seizure Update

   JANUARY 1, 2012

  • New and Amended Statutes for 2012


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