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2010 Archive

   DECEMBER 28, 2010

  • Searches Incident to Arrest
  • Vehicle Searches; Inventory Searches
  • Unsolicited Statements and “Small Talk”
  • An In-Custody Suspect’s Intent to Initiate Interrogation After a Prior Invocation
  • Implied Consents to Search
  • Traffic Stops and Reasonable Suspicion

   DECEMBER 17, 2010

  • Child Molests, per P.C. §288(a), and the “Touching” Requirement
  • School Searches with Police Involvement
  • Firearms and “Place of Residence”
  • Residential Entries and Exigent Circumstances
  • Plain Sight Observations in a Residence
  • Vehicle Searches Without a Warrant

   DECEMBER 2, 2010

  • Vehicle Inventory Searches
  • Miranda Waivers and Minimizing the Nature of the Interrogation
  • Miranda and the Use of Undercover Agents
  • Miranda; Equivocal Invocations
  • Miranda; Volunteered Statements
  • Miranda; Equivocal Attempts at Invocation

   NOVEMBER 22, 2010

  • The Sixth Amendment Right to Confrontation and Interrogations
  • Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel; Housing Potential Co-Suspects in the Same Jail Cell
  • Miranda; Equivocal Invocations and Seeking Clarification
  • Miranda; The Need to Readvise at Successive Interrogations
  • Interrogation Tactics and Involuntariness

   NOVEMBER 15, 2010

  • Live and Photographic Lineups
  • Miranda; The Court’s Use of Suppressed Statements In Its Evidentiary Rulings
  • Miranda; Implied Waivers and Minimizing the Warnings
  • Vehicle Impounds and Inventory Searches
  • Residential Fourth Waiver Searches and Probable Cause to Believe it’s the Parolee’s Residence
  • Miranda; Equivocal Invocations

   NOVEMBER 5, 2010

  • Residential Searches; Consent by Parents
  • Residential Entries and Standing
  • Residential Entries and Exigent Circumstances
  • Miranda and the “Two-Step Interrogation Technique”
  • Strip Searches in Jails
  • Use of Force in Jails
  • Vehicle Registration Stickers

   OCTOBER 8, 2010

  • Update - Petty Theft with a Prior, per P.C. § 666
  • Update - Solicitors on Private Property
  • Parole Searches of Automobiles
  • Anonymous Informants and Probable Cause
  • Miranda and Pre-Admonishment Questioning
  • Search Warrants; The Specificity Requirement

   SEPTEMBER 8, 2010

  • Residential Burglaries
  • Metal Knuckles, per P.C. §12020(c)(7)
  • Narcotics; Transitory Possession
  • Standing
  • Residential Entries
  • The Use of Deadly Force
  • Detention of a Residence

   AUGUST 2, 2010

  • Coerced Confessions
  • Anonymous Tips by In-Person Informants
  • DNA Arrest Warrants
  • Miranda; Invocation of Rights by a Juvenile Asking for a Parent

   JUNE 20, 2010

  • Miranda; Equivocal Attempts to Invoke
  • Miranda; Implied Waivers
  • Entry of Residence; Emergency Aid Exception
  • Use of Force; Tasers
  • Tracking Devices on Vehicles
  • Medical Marijuana; H&S § 11362.77 & Statutory Possession Limits

   MAY 14, 2010

  • Searches Incident to Arrest
  • First Amendment Freedom of Expression and Disrupting Meetings
  • Miranda; Implied Waivers and Interrogation Techniques
  • Registration Stickers and Reasonable Suspicion
  • Expectation of Privacy; Searching Containers
  • Confidential Informants and Cooperation Agreements

   APRIL 19, 2010

  • Search Warrants; Searching for Evidence Not Authorized by the Warrant
  • Search Warrants; Stale Information
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Searches of a Vehicle Incident to Arrest
  • Child Molest Victim’s Allegations and Probable Cause
  • Fifth Amendment Self Incrimination Violations Before Trial

   MARCH 24, 2010

  • Miranda; Advisal of Rights
  • Miranda; After an Invocation of Right to Counsel
  • Detaining Mailed Packages
  • School Searches
  • Hotel Rooms; Searches and Expectation of Privacy

   FEBRUARY 25, 2010

  • Search and Seizure - 10th Edition

   JANUARY 1, 2010

  • New and Amended Statutes for 2010


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