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2009 Archive

   DECEMBER 31, 2009

  • Child Abuse; Seizing Child Victims
  • Residential Burglary; An Apartment Carport
  • Miranda; Implied Waivers
  • Searches Incident to Arrest in a Residence

   DECEMBER 8, 2009

  • Brady Violations; Failing to Disclose Potentially Exculpatory Evidence
  • Good Faith: Negligent Errors in Arrest Warrant Records Keeping
  • Detentions and Reasonable Suspicion
  • Patdowns for Weapons
  • Detentions and Handcuffing
  • Warrantless Searches of Vehicles Incident to Arrest
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

   NOVEMBER 24, 2009

  • Search Warrants: The "Emergency" Exception
  • Search Warrants: The "Exigency" Exception
  • Citizen’s Arrest Without Probable Cause; the Officer’s Civil Liability
  • Arrests: Excessive Force and the Use of Firearms
  • Fourth Wavier Searches and Detention of Third Parties
  • Fourth Waivers and Public Strip Searches
  • Warrantless Entries into Private Areas Based on a Perceived Emergency

   NOVEMBER 5, 2009

  • Public Place; A Residential Front Yard
  • Search Warrants; Mistakes in the Warrant
  • Computers; Probable Cause for Seizure and Search
  • Custody; Interrogations in the Home
  • Warrantless Arrests in the Home During Execution of a Search Warrant
  • P.C. §273(a); Child Endangerment
  • P.C. §246; Shooting at an Occupied Dwelling From the Inside
  • Anonymous Tips and Reasonable Suspicion to Detain
  • Proving the Source of the Information in a Radio Call
  • Unlawful Detentions and Subsequent Criminal Acts
  • Protective Sweeps of a Residence

   OCTOBER 29, 2009

  • Vehicle Burglary
  • P.C. §626.10(a); Knives on School Campuses
  • Patdowns and Reasonable Suspicion
  • Container Searches and Expectation of Privacy
  • Consent Searches and Coercion
  • Consent Searches by a Cotenant
  • The Community Caretaking Function and Traffic Stops

   SEPTEMBER 20, 2009

  • Search Warrants for Computer Information
  • Miranda; Internal Investigations of Public Employees
  • Probationary Fourth Waiver Searches
  • Miranda; Tape Recording and Interrogation, Invocations, Rescue Doctrine, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, Offers of Leniency, Deceptions During an Interrogation

   AUGUST 13, 2009

  • Parole Searches and Harassment
  • Pandering, per P.C. § 266i(a)(2)
  • Standing, as it Applies to One’s Residence
  • Standing, as it Applies to a Large Business
  • Search Warrants; Overbreadth, Incorporation, Copies at the Scene, Good Faith, and Consent Obtained as the Product of an Unlawful Search Warrant
  • Attempting to Manufacture Dope

   JUNE 11, 2009

  • Search Warrants; Document Retentions and Loss of the Affidavit
  • Detentions, Patdowns, Arrests and the Impounding of Vehicles
  • Miranda; The Non-Custodial Interrogation
  • Grand Theft from the Person; Per PC §487(c)
  • Aggravated Mayhem, per PC §205

   JUNE 1, 2009

  • Sixth Amendment; After-Arraignment Contacts with Defendants
  • Interrogations; Use of a Ruse
  • Miranda; Minimizing the Importance of the Admonishment
  • Interrogation Tactics and Voluntariness

   MAY 8, 2009

  • Traffic Stops; Detention of the Passengers
  • Searches of Vehicles Incident to Arrest
  • Vehicle Code Equipment Violations; Circumstantial Evidence of a Violation
  • Traffic Stops; Prolonged Detentions
  • Traffic Stops; Temporary Operating Permits, Part I
  • Traffic Stops; Temporary Operating Permits, Part II

   APRIL 1, 2009

  • Consent; Voluntariness in the Face of an Assertion of Authority
  • Terminating a Voluntary Interview as Evidence of Guilt
  • Assertion of the Right to Silence Before Custody
  • Barricaded Suspects and the Need for Arrest Warrants
  • Using a Ruse to Enter a Residence
  • Mental Patients and Residential Searches
  • Handcuffs and Detentions

   MARCH 6, 2009

  • An Officer's Expertise and Probable Cause for a Search Warrant
  • Stopping at a Stop Sign, per VC §22450
  • Search Warrants and Computers
  • Abandonment of a Motel Room and Expectation of Privacy
  • Border Searches and Computers

   FEBRUARY 23, 2009

  • Search and Seizure - 9th Edition

   JANUARY 30, 2009

  • Patdowns for Weapons
  • Interrogations and Voluntariness
  • Impounding Vehicles Under VC §14602.6(a)(1) as a Discretionary Duty
  • Private Citizens as Agents of Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Viewing Containers Already Opened by a Private Citizen

   JANUARY 1, 2009

  • New and Amended Statutes for 2009


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