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2007 Archive

  DECEMBER 10, 2007

  • Miranda; Custody, Interrogation, Due Process and Expectation of Privacy
  • Interrogations; Using and Unwitting Agent
  • Computer Checks on License Plates and Vehicle Passengers
  • Probable Cause to Arrest
  • Search Warrants; Execution in an Unreasonable Manner

  NOVEMBER 21, 2007

  • Consent and Voluntariness
  • Traffic Stops; Prolonged Detentions
  • Trespass on Private Property
  • Detaining and Identifying Misdemeanor Suspects
  • Miranda and Offers of Leniency
  • Threatening a Victim or Witness, per PC 136.1

  NOVEMBER 4, 2007

  • Medical Marijuana; Transportation of
  • Probable Cause to Arrest
  • Trespassing on Commercial Property
  • E-Mail Trap and Trace
  • Possession of Burglary Tools, per PC 466

  SEPTEMBER 18, 2007

  • Anonymous Information, Knock & Talks, and Consensual Searches
  • Consensual Encounters, Detentions and Consent to Search
  • Residential Entry to Execute an Arrest Warrant; Probable Cause
  • Rape, Carjacking, and Evidence of Prior Acts of Domestic Violence
  • Possession of Burglary Tools, per PC 466

   AUGUST 23, 2007

  • Probable Cause and the "Collective Knowledge" Doctrine
  • Controlled Substances; Knowledge Element
  • Vehicle Seizures & Searches; Using Trickery
  • Using Minors for Videotaping Sexual Conduct, per PC 311.4(c)
  • Undercover Investigations and the Constitution

  JULY 31, 2007

  • Search Warrant Execution and Officers' Safety
  • Attempted Murder; A Direct, Ineffectual Act
  • Vehicle Stops; Detention of Passengers
  • Vehicle Searches; Scope of a Search Warrant and the "Automobile Exception"

  JULY 12, 2007

  • Second Degree Felony Murder Rule; The Merger Doctrine
  • "Public Place," per Local Ordinance
  • Detentions and Reasonable Suspicion
  • Detention of a Package While in Transit
  • Search of a Package While in Transit

  JUNE 29, 2007

  • High Speed Vehicle Chases and the Use of Force
  • Detentions of Passengers During a Traffic Stop
  • Anonymous Information and Reasonable Suspicion
  • Computers and Child Pornography; Probable Cause
  • Consent to Search

   JUNE 8, 2007

  • Financial Elder Abuse and Consent
  • Medical Marijuana and the Common Law Defense of Necessity
  • Accessory After the Fact, Per P.C. 32
  • Proposition 215; Medical Marijuana
  • Indian Law Enforcement Officers and Search & Seizure
  • Use of Force to Obtain Fingerprints

   APRIL 27, 2007

  • Absent Victim's Hearsay Statements and the Sixth Amendment
  • Grand Theft Person, per PC 487(c)
  • Kidnapping for Purposes of Robbery; Asportation Element
  • Probable Cause to Arrest; Arresting for the Wrong Offense
  • Miranda; Beheler in the Jail

   APRIL 13, 2007

  • Traffic Stop to Check a Temporary Operating Permit
  • Suspicionless Parole Searches
  • Miranda; Invocations, Readmonishments, and the Use of Deception
  • Interrogating an Injured Suspect
  • Money Laundering, per PC 186.10

   MARCH 15, 2007

  • Search & Seizure - 7th Edition

  FEBRUARY 15, 2007

  • Sexual Battery, per PC 243.4
  • Kidnapping of a Child
  • Search Warrants and Good Faith
  • Impounding Vehicles; Constitutionality
  • Patdown for Identification
  • Vehicle Stops; A Missing License Plate
  • Hobbs Warrants; Retention of a Sealed Affidavit

   JANUARY 26, 2007

  • Traffic Stops; Questioning Beyond the Scope of the Stop
  • Recording an Inmate's Telephone Calls; Implied Consent
  • Warrantless Entry Into a Residence
  • Protective Sweeps in a Business
  • First Degree Burglary of, and First Degree Robbery in, an Inhabited Dwelling
  • Juvenile Search and Seizure Probationary Considerations
  JANUARY 1, 2007
  • New and Amended Statutes Edition


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