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Mail and Books

Written correspondence can be an important and inexpensive way to maintain a close relationship with someone who is incarcerated. Inmates may purchase pre-stamped envelopes and postcards from the jail commissary. Inmates may send as many letters and postcards as they desire. Those without sufficient funds are provided a limited supply of pre-stamped envelopes. You may deposit funds directly to an inmate’s account at the Information Office of any Sheriff’s detention facility or by visiting

When addressing correspondence to someone in jail, please address the envelope in the following manner:

Sending mail to an inmate in San Diego County Jail

If you do not have the booking number of the inmate to whom you are writing, you may look it up on the Sheriff’s Website using the feature titled “Who’s in Jail.”


All inmate mail must have:

  1. Return address
  2. Inmate’s full name under which he or she is booked
  3. Correct booking number

Mail that contains any of the following will be rejected:

  • Items that cannot be inspected without damaging (e.g. multilayered cards, Polaroids, laminated or glued items, etc.)
  • Items containing foil or metal of any type, glass, wood, hard plastic, rubber, hair, leaves, flowers, paperclips, jewelry, staples, whiteout, colored paper, tracing paper, heavy art paper, glitter, confetti, stickers, tape, glue, paint, watercolors, tobacco products, or other prohibited substances, or any items written in crayon, chalk, or markers
  • Items that may compromise the security of the facility
  • Wall posters, travel brochures, catalogs, wall calendars, or any other item larger than a legal size piece of paper
  • Personal photographs may not contain nudity, partial nudity or be sexually suggestive.
  • Photographs depicting gangs, gang hand gestures, weapons, drugs, unlawful activities are not allowed. Any material tending to incite or promote racism, violence or any other prohibited conduct is prohibited
  • Photographs can be no larger than 4”x6”
  • Mail containing correspondence material (envelopes, paper, pencils, stamps, etc.) will not be accepted. All correspondence material must be purchased through jail commissary.
  • Any item that contains any unknown substance or unknown odor (e.g., stains, lipstick, perfume, smoke, etc.)

Remember deputies will review anything you send into the facility. Do not send cash, stamps, coins, drugs, cigarettes or any other property with your letter. Rather than sending money, you may deposit funds to an inmate’s account at the Information Office of any Sheriff’s Detention Facility or by visiting


Written correspondence can also be done via e-mail. There is no expectation of privacy for e-mail messages; therefore, this system should not be used for legal or confidential mail, or other privileged communications. Inmates will not be able to respond via e-mail. All outgoing correspondence will continue to be by U.S. mail. General information about e-mailing an inmate can be found using the feature titled Email an Inmate.


Each facility maintains a supply of books and magazines available to the inmates. Daily newspapers are also provided in the housing units. Books or magazines mailed or delivered to a Sheriff’s detention facility by the general public will not be accepted. New books or magazines may be mailed to an inmate under the following conditions:

  1. Must have soft covers without wire and/or spiral binding and may not include CD-ROM’s, DVD’s or any other new media items.
  2. Books or magazines must be new and mailed to the inmate directly from the publisher or bookseller.

Detention Facility Mailing Addresses

San Diego Central Jail
1173 Front St.
San Diego, CA 92101
Vista Detention Facility
325 S. Melrose Dr, Ste 200
Vista, CA 92081
South Bay Detention Facility
500 Third Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility
451 Riverview Parkway
Santee, CA 92071
Facility 8 
446 Alta Rd., Suite 5300
San Diego, CA 92158
East Mesa Reentry Facility
446 Alta Rd., Suite 5200
San Diego, CA 92158
George Bailey Detention Facility
446 Alta Rd., Suite 5300
San Diego, CA 92158