San Diego County Jail Information

Having a friend or family member booked into jail can create confusion and uncertainty, both for the inmate and the loved ones involved. You may have questions about mail, phone calls, visiting, health care, and more. You may find it difficult to contact the person who was arrested for some time after booking, and the nature of the jail system may make it difficult for you to acquire the information you need concerning the arrest.

Important information about the San Diego County Jails and their inmates can be found on these pages and by contacting our helpful staff.

"Who’s In Jail"
This online resource allows you to search for inmates in the Sheriff’s custody. Virtually all public information about the inmate is available in this area of the site. The inmate’s housing location, charges, next court date, and projected release date (if known) are available by visiting Who’s in Jail.  It also serves as the entry point to sending electronic messages to inmates and accessing other helpful online services.

Jail Information Online
By selecting from the topics listed to the right, you can learn a great deal about the jail system and the programs and services available to inmates. In most cases, your questions about mail, visiting, phone calls and more can be answered by visiting these pages.

Jail Information by Phone
For questions not answered above, please feel free to call any of our jail information offices, or for your convenience you can call one of the following jail information numbers within your area code:

  • San Diego Central Jail (619) 610-1647
  • Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility (619) 402-1312
  • Vista Detention Facility (760) 936-0014
  • George Bailey Detention Facility (619) 210-0385
  • South Bay Detention Facility (619) 213-1433
  • East Mesa Reentry Facility (619) 210-0334
  • Facility 8 Detention Facility (619) 210-0327

Inmate Status Notifications

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is now a participant in the VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) program. VINE is an anonymous service provided at no cost to the public for the purpose of providing notification when certain changes occur to an inmate’s custody status. This service has been introduced in San Diego County in part through a grant from the California State Sheriff’s Association.

Users are able to register an e-mail address and/or telephone numbers in order to be notified when an inmate is released, is pending release (for sentenced inmates with scheduled release dates), or when transferred to a facility in another county or state prison.

How to Register with VINE

To take advantage of this system:

  1. Search for the inmate through the Sheriff’s Who’s In Jail site.
  2. Once you locate the correct inmate, click his/her name to view the inmate’s information page.
  3. About halfway down the page, you will see a link to register for inmate status notifications. Click on that link.
  4. A new browser window will open giving you access to the VINE web site. Simply follow the directions to register your email and/or phone numbers.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: When registering with VINE, please make certain you enter your email address and/or phone number correctly. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department will not know if you have entered incorrect information, and an entry error will prevent you from getting important notifications.

You may also register by calling VINE toll-free at (877) 411-5588, or by going directly to the VINE web site.

Please note: Using the inmate’s booking number is the best way to register at VINE.