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The San Diego Sheriff's Detentions Investigations Unit is committed to the safety, security, and wellbeing of the staff and inmates housed in the seven detention facilities located in San Diego County. Unfortunately, inmates are often reluctant to inform Sheriff's staff members when they become aware of criminal activity or circumstances which may jeopardize their safety, security or wellbeing. In response, the Sheriff's Department is seeking the assistance of the community to report any information related to criminal activity or safety issues taking place in a Sheriff's Detention Facility. By quickly and easily submitting a Jail Tip using the provided electronic form below, your tip will be sent directly to the Sheriff's Department for review. Jail Tips can be submitted anonymously, and the Sheriff's Department will use all legal means to maintain the anonymity of any person who provides their contact information with their Jail Tip.

As a reminder, knowingly submitting a false tip or falsely reporting a crime to law enforcement may not only be against California law, but will undoubtedly waste law enforcement resources which could be used to assist others in need. By submitting a Jail Tip via the provided electronic form, you acknowledge that your information is factually accurate to the best of your knowledge.

To report a crime in the community, visit the San Diego Crime Stoppers page

To report an emergency, please contact 911, the Sheriff’s Communication Center or the appropriate Sheriff’s Detention Facility directly.

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