East Mesa Reentry Facility

East Mesa Reentry Facility

446 Alta Rd., Ste. 5200

San Diego, CA 92158

(619) 210-0334



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The East Mesa Reentry Facility (EMRF) was initially built as a probation camp in conjunction with the George F. Bailey Detention Facility. It was turned over to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in 1991.


New Traffic Pattern

Improvements to Hwy 905 have resulted in a change in traffic patterns approaching the George Bailey Detention Complex. Click the image above to see the new approach.

EMRF is a Type II medium security facility.  It has a Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) rated capacity of 360 beds and currently has over 500 available beds.  Laundry and food production for EMRF and other facilities is coordinated with the use of inmate workers at the facility through the department’s growing Inmate Industries Program.  The Inmate Industry Program also includes print-shop skills, janitorial services, computer graphics and construction trades.


EMRF rests on eight acres in south San Diego County near the Otay Mesa border crossing.  It consists of four inmate housing dormitories, a mess hall, several classrooms, chaplain, counselor, and staff administrative offices. The beautiful landscaping, softball field, volleyball and handball courts are maintained by the inmate work crews.


EMRF is able to provide more rehabilitative programs than other jails due to the working nature of the facility.  In addition to earning a GED, inmates are able to earn certificates in construction trades, printing press operation, janitorial services, computer graphics and industrial laundry machine operation. The Grossmont High School District manages and teaches these programs.  Due to the lower classification and worker status of the inmates, they have more benefits than inmates at high-security facilities including more outside yard time, contact visits, and better recreational facilities.


EMRF recently went through a name change to reflect its new mission in the Detentions Services Bureau; to operate the Reentry services for the Sheriff’s Department.


The Sheriff’s Reentry Services Division is responsible for the services that meet the challenge of reducing recidivism through a coordinated comprehensive effort. The Division provides programs aimed at educating offenders and changing their thinking through the use of evidence based curriculums delivered by counseling professionals. The staff of the Reentry Services Division collaborates with the San Diego criminal justice partners to provide a case management system for offenders to have a smooth reentry into our community.