Mission Statement~

Community Outreach is our Concierge Program and asks, "How may we be of assistance to you?"

Through Community Outreach, we make available a multitude of programs and initiatives to the community that will provide resources for residents of San Diego County. Our mission is to be a conduit to pass information between the department and the public. We also endeavor to develop and maintain relationships through open and candid dialogue with a variety of community leaders and organizations.

Through such programs as our Speaker's Bureau, Neighborhood Watch, Community Action Groups, and our key partnerships with community groups, we invite you to take a tour through our website and learn more about the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Gore encourages these key relationships between the department and the communities we serve. "The true measure of an organization is not simply how it performs today; it also includes how it is poised to perform into the future. As your Sheriff, I am proud to say that, in partnership with our communities, we are on the right track to make San Diego County the safest urban county in the nation."

How may we be of assistance to you today?