Marla Marshall, Special Assistant

Marla Marshall, Special Assistant

Marla Marshall

Special Assistant
Legislative Affairs

Marla Marshall is the Special Assistant to Sheriff Bill Gore of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.  She previously held the same position for retired Sheriff Bill Kolender.   Ms. Marshall serves as the Sheriff’s liaison to the U.S Senate, The House of Representatives, the Office of the Governor of the State of California, the State Legislature and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Her many duties, include reviewing legislation that may have a potential impact on the Sheriff’s Department.   She advises the Sheriff on either endorsing or actively opposing these measures.  Ms. Marshall testifies on behalf of the Sheriff at various policy committees of the State Legislature.  Marla also represents the Sheriff in state budget negotiations for local funding.  Previous allocations have translated into millions of dollars for the Sheriff’s Department.  In addition to traveling to Sacramento, Ms. Marshall also travels to Washington, D.C. to pursue funding to augment or expand Sheriff Department projects.

Marla served on the California State Contractors’ License Board, in both Governors’ George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson’s administrations.  Subsequently Governor Pete Wilson appointed her to the California Youth Authority.

Prior to her State service, Ms. Marshall was Chief of Staff for a member of the San Diego City Council.

She is the immediate past chairperson of the California Peace Officers’ Association’s Legislative Committee, a member of the legislative committee for the California State Sheriffs’ Association and currently the chairperson of the California Peace Officers’ Association’s endorsement committee.

In September 2008, Marla was awarded the California Women’s Leadership Association’s Trailblazer award, in the area of Political Staffer.

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, Marla holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a degree of Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law, currently known as Thomas Jefferson College of Law.