Frank Clamser, Commander

Cmdr.Frank Clamser

Frank Clamser

Sheriff’s Commander

Assistant Sheriff Frank Clamser oversees the Detention Services Bureau. The Detention Services Bureau provides for the care and wellbeing of individuals incarcerated within the seven detention facilities. In addition to providing medical and dental care, the Sheriff's Department is the largest mental health provider in the County of San Diego.

Assistant Sheriff Frank Clamser began his career with the Sheriff's Department in 1991 where he worked at the South Bay Detention Facility, Central Detention Facility, and in the Jail Population Management Unit as a Detentions Deputy.

Frank promoted to Sergeant in 1998, and was assigned to the George Bailey Detention Facility, East Mesa Detention Facility, and returned to the Jail Population Management Unit.

In 2003, Frank promoted to Lieutenant and completed assignments at the George Bailey Detention Facility, the Standards and Compliance Unit, and the Descanso Detention Facility.

Upon promotion to Captain in 2007, he oversaw the operations of the San Diego Central Jail and the George Bailey Detention Facility. Frank also worked as the Captain of the Detention Support Division and then was assigned to the East Mesa Reentry Facility.

He was promoted to Commander in April of 2018 and Assistant Sheriff in May of 2019.

Frank lives with his wife and family in South County, and in his spare time, volunteers as a youth soccer coach.