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Cold Case Homicide

Sibyl Robbins

Victim:Sibyl Robbins

Crime Date:May 12, 2006

Location:1800 block of Bel Air Terrace, Encinitas


Synopsis: During the evening hours of May 12, 2006, Sibyl Robbins and her husband, Harrison Robbins, were shot in front of their Encinitas home. Sibyl was killed while sitting in the front passenger seat of their Volvo. Her husband was seriously wounded but survived. A gunman ambushed Harrison and Sibyl Robbins, opening fire on the couple in the driveway of their Encinitas home in the 1800 block of Bel Air Terrace after the couple returned home from an evening out. The killer was never caught and the motive remains unclear. Sheriff’s homicide investigators are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Sibyl Robbins. The Sheriff’s Department is asking for the community’s help in finding the suspect responsible for the murder of Sibyl Robbins.

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