For a crime to occur, an opportunity has to exist and a motivated criminal has to be present. Help prevent crime by taking informed steps to make your neighborhood, business, and family safe and resistant to crime and unattractive to criminals.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit strives to reduce crime and improve quality of life in partnership with the communities we serve. Crime Prevention Specialists, working as members of our patrol stations, deliver and support ever-evolving prevention and safety programs, and maintain close partnerships with organizations, agencies, and community members. Specialists employ strategies ranging from personal safety to CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), stay aware of the latest residential and commercial security practices, and coordinate resources to combat current crime trends and future threats. Where you see Neighborhood Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, or safety and prevention information at a community fair, know that a Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Specialist is close at hand and ready to assist.

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Review the prevention program and action information posted as links below. For additional information or support, contact your local Crime Prevention Unit member:

4S Ranch Substation (858) 521-5200   Poway Station (858) 513-2800
Alpine Station (619) 659-2600   Ramona Substation (760) 789-9157
Fallbrook Substation (760) 451-3100   Rancho San Diego Station (619) 660-7000
Imperial Beach Station (619) 498-2400   San Marcos Station (760) 510-5200
Lakeside Substation (619) 938-1360   Santee Station (619) 956-4021
Lemon Grove Station (619) 337-2000   Valley Center Substation * (760) 751-4400
North Coastal Station (760) 966-3500   Vista Station (760) 940-4564
       * Includes  Agricultural Crime   

Information for Action

Well-informed people make better decisions, and better prevention decisions reduce crime. Register for the Sheriff’s Crimemapping and Nixle services to stay informed. Community members can take an active role by knowing when to report suspicious activity . Your overall safety and security is enhanced when you are aware of your surroundings and risks - begin by reviewing tips for your personal safety.

If you or someone you know is at risk of domestic violence, act now with Domestic Violence information. (Violencia Domestica)

Neighborhood Watch

When neighbors work together, entire neighborhoods can benefit. Crime Prevention Specialists encourage and support Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the communities we serve. If you want to see a Neighborhood Watch sign with the Sheriff’s star on it on your street, get involved and call your local patrol station.

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Be a good neighbor and a good partner with your Sheriff’s patrol team, and report suspicious activity by calling (858) 565-5200.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) is successful because it approaches crime on many fronts. Law enforcement cannot solve crime problems alone. Neither can the management or residents of rental properties. However, by working together, the end result can be a successful reduction of crime and improved quality of life in rental communities. If you are a rental property owner, manager, or community member and want to reduce crime and increase quality of life in your complex through CFMH, call your local Crime Prevention Specialist.

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Residential, Travel, and Vehicle Security and Safety

Good prevention and safety practices start at home. Review our Home Security Guide, Apartment and Condominium Safety overview, and use the Home Security Checklist to make your residence more secure. Residential Security Checks, vacation home checks, and other services are available through your Crime Prevention Specialist.

Going away? Know before you go - leave a safe home and be safe on your trip.

Home Security Tips
Vacation Check Flyer

Vehicle-related crime is a persistent problem throughout the San Diego Region. Take steps to protect your vehicle and know that as long as there’s something of value in your vehicle, including information about your identity or credit, a crook will see it as an opportunity.

Child and Senior Safety and Security

Review the following information and contact your Crime Prevention Specialist for additional support or to coordinate a presentation to your organization.

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Business and Commercial Site Security

Crime Prevention Specialists provide no-cost commercial security reviews at your business site. To take proactive steps to secure your business practices by employing the following information. And remember, out of sight, out of mind - would a crook see an opportunity here?

Commercial Security Booklet

Commercial and construction sites are affected by metal theft, often involving significant damage or loss of services, has been addressed with laws regulating metal recycling. For more information, review the metal recycling laws.

Identity Theft, Fraud, and Scams

Seemingly since the dawn of time, swindlers and crooks have been misrepresenting themselves and their intentions to steal from others. Today’s web-based technology have created additional opportunities for thieves to obtain and use your personal information. Always consider the security of your personal information - in the trash, in your vehicle, in your online communications.

And a note about social networking websites: If you wouldn’t post it on your front door, don't post it on the web.

If you become a victim, take action by reporting the crime and notifying the credit agencies to “flag your credit.” See the credit agency contacts listed in the identity theft information below.

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Crime Prevention Links

CA Attorney General - Charitable organization and other consumer protection
Better Business Bureau
ID Theft Center
Federal Trade Commission - ID theft and fraud
National Crime Prevention Council
National Neighborhood Watch Institute
"Do Not Call" - Opt out from telemarketers