I have questions regarding service of documents or other civil-related questions.
Questions regarding service of process, wage garnishments, levies, evictions or other civil-related matters should be addressed to our Civil Divison. Additional information regarding Civil Process Service can be found here.

I hear helicopter announcements being made but cannot understand what is said.
Announcements made from our helicopters are normally targeted to very specific areas, and those outside the direct target of the message frequently have trouble understanding what is said. As these messages are generally initiated with very little notice, we do not currently have web staff dedicated to posting these types of messages on a 24-hour basis. We have plans to move to a new web platform that will better meet this need, but for now if you have a question about an announcement, please call our Communications Center at (858) 565-5200.

I am on probation/parole and want to visit in the jail. How do I get permission?
Prospective jail visitors who are on probation or parole, have served time in state prison or have been in custody in the previous 90 days require the permission of the watch commander in order to visit. You may submit a request by using our online visit authorization request. Prospective visitors who are not in the categories described above do not need to seek visit authorization and may schedule their visits normally.

I would like to obtain jail medical records/information on a specific inmate.
By law, medical records and medical information are strictly protected from public disclosure without the written authorization of the patient. In order to seek authorization for release of jail medical information or records, the requestor may submit a request form. The forms and instructions are available in our Jail Information section.

How can I obtain a refund of bail money after appearing in court?
Bail that was paid in the form of cash at a Sheriff’s detention facility is forwarded to and managed by the San Diego Superior Court. Within 4-6 weeks after receiving confirmation from the court that the case is resolved or completed and bail has been exonerated, the accounting office will refund the payment. It will be sent to the name and address indicated on the bail payment receipt. For any additional questions regarding this process, the accounting office at the Superior Court can be reached at (619) 450-7034 Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 11:30AM.

Where may I drop off unwanted prescription drugs?
Secure drop-off boxes have been installed at the Sheriff’s Headquarters office and several other facilities around the County. For more information about safely disposing of unwanted prescription drugs, please visit our Prescription Drug Drop Box page.

How may I request to ride along with a Deputy Sheriff?
Ride-alongs are granted on a limited basis, and are subject to the approval of the station commander where the ride is requested. Adults wishing to request a ride along may contact the station directly. The station telephone numbers are found on our Locations page.

How may I obtain the results of my blood-alcohol test?
Contact the Sheriff’s Crime Lab at 858-467-4600.

How can I find out if someone is in jail?
Please go to our "Who's in Jail" page and search for the inmate using the last name.  You will be able to locate the inmate, find out what charges are pending against the person, obtain their next court date, and send a message to the inmate.

How can I send a message to an inmate?
You may send a message via our "Who's in Jail" page.  For more information about sending a message, detailed instructions and troubleshooting, please see our Inmate E-mail page.

How can I visit an inmate?
Visits are allowed at each of our detention facilities.  Information about visit rules, and links to the facility visit schedules can be found on our Visiting Information page.

How can I put money on an inmate's account?
You may post money to an inmate's account by visiting any San Diego County Jail facility.  It need not be the facility where the inmate is housed.  If you are unable to post funds in person, you may send a money order (no cash or personal checks) to the inmate at the facility where he/she is housed.  Please make the money order payable to the inmate.  More information about inmate accounts can be found in our Jail Information pages.

What are the “Jail Codes” when signing up for an inmate phone account?
When interacting with PCS, the inmate telephone vendor, the following jail codes may be helpful:

San Diego Central Jail - 20035
South Bay Detention Facility - 20036
George Bailey Detention Facility - 20037
East Mesa Detention Facility - 20037
Facility 8 - 20037
Vista Detention Facility - 20039
Las Colinas Detention Facility - 20041

How can I learn more about the jails?
You can visit the Jail Information section of our site to learn about jail operations, jail programs, visiting, mail, telephone, medical care and more.  Information about specific inmates can be found in our "Who's in Jail" site.  If you have any other questions, feel free to call the jail information office where the inmate is housed.

How do I obtain a criminal records letter on myself?
You may contact the Sheriff's Records and Identification Division at (858) 974-2110.  Please note that criminal record letters used for international purposes are obtained from the Sheriff's License Division.  That office can be reached at (858) 974-2020.

Where may I have my fingerprints taken for employment purposes?
The Sheriff’s Department only performs live scan fingerprinting for its own enforcement purposes. To have your prints taken for employment or other application purposes, please check the list of available sites on the Department of Justice’s site.

How can I obtain a copy of a report?
Copies of crime reports can generally be obtained from the area station from which the report was prepared.  There may be a period of delay during the report preparation/review process, so please consider calling the station first to check on the availability of the report.  Reports over one year old may need to be obtained from the Sheriff's Records and Identification Division.  They can be reached at (858) 974-2110.

How can I register my cell phone for emergency notifications?
In addition to the landline telephone notifications sent out in the event of an emergency, you can register your cell phone to receive notifications. Go the Alert San Diego web site and complete the convenient online registration.

May I obtain a uniform shoulder patch for my collection?
For security and fiscal reasons, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department does not provide official items for private collections. 

How may I get a fix-it ticket signed off?
You can have your correctable citation signed off at any of our stations and at the court facilities.  There is a fee of $20 mandated by law that will be collected when the citation is signed off. (Government Code §26746.1)

How may I apply for a concealed weapons permit?
Applications for concealed weapons permits are processed by the Sheriff's Licensing Division.  More information, including a downloadable application can be found here.  Questions may be directed to (858) 974-2020.

Where may I legally shoot in San Diego County?
There are a number of commercial firearms ranges around San Diego County where you may target shoot. Additionally, in some of the more rural areas of the County, you may be able to shoot on private property with the permission of the property owner. To get a better idea of those areas, you may view the Shooting Map.

Where may I get more information about weapons laws in California?
The laws in California concerning possession, transportation, and use of firearms, edged weapons, impact weapons and other forms of weapons is a very complex area of study. One of the best places to start is with a publication put out by the California Attorney General’s Office. The document has a 2007 date on the cover, though it is the most recent they have posted. It is still a very good source of information in an understandable format. California Firearms Laws can be accessed here.