The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has the legal obligation to care for persons held in County custody. The department operates a system of seven detention facilities throughout San Diego, with a combined average daily population of more than 5,000 inmates.

These facilities vary greatly in size, design, and function. Some are in urban areas, co-located with regional court complexes providing high levels of security.  Others are medium security facilities located in rural settings, serving the needs of lower risk, sentenced inmates. What they all have in common are the dedicated men and women who operate the facilities in a safe and humane manner, conforming to all laws and professional detention standards.

In addition to booking, classifying, housing, and releasing approximately 100,000 inmates per year, the department provides a wide array of quality services including medical, mental health, food, counseling, recreation, religious, education and job training services.

Virtually every aspect of jail operations is subject to careful oversight. The Board of State & Community Corrections (BSCC) sets the standards for the operation of local detention facilities. Regular BSCC inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with those standards. Additional oversight is provided by the San Diego County Grand Jury, State and local Fire Marshals, County Environmental Health, Medical authorities, the Citizen’s Law Enforcement Review Board and the Sheriff’s own administrative staff and the Division of Inspectional Services (DIS). Together, they ensure that the community can enjoy a high degree of confidence that their local detention facilities are being operated safely and responsibly.