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Following a series of deadly force encounters in Summer 2005, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department sought an independent assessment of its use of force practices.

The Office of Independent Review was selected to conduct the audit based on several factors including its reputation as a fair and impartial reviewing body in Los Angeles County, and the experience of its staff.  Members of the Office of Independent Review include former prosecutors, some with civil rights experience.

The Office of Independent Review undertook a comprehensive examination of hundreds of actual force incidents involving department members.  Careful attention was given to the application of force, training, documentation, and accountability for the use of force.

At the conclusion of its examination, the Office of Independent Review issued a final report making 35 recommendations.

The links above provide access to copies of an Executive Summary as well as the full report.  A separate document contains the list of recommendations followed by the Sheriff's Department's response to those recommendations.

Questions about the Use of Force Review may be directed to the San Diego Sheriff's Public Affairs Division at (858) 974-2259 or by e-mail.

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