Pine Valley Substation

San Diego County Sheriff's
Pine Valley Substation

28696 Old Hwy 80
PO Box 312

Pine Valley, CA 91962-1312



Emergency:  9-1-1

Dispatch: (858) 565-5200

Business: (619) 938-8400

Fax: (619) 938-8420



The Pine Valley Substation serves an area of over 400 square miles which includes the communities of Pine Valley, Guatay, Descanso, Mount Laguna, Boulevard and Jacumba.  The substation recently moved from its prior location attached to the Pine Valley Volunteer Fire Department.


Just 45 minutes east of San Diego off Highway 8, Pine Valley is a mountain community that promises visitors cool and clean air while enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing and relaxation.




These dedicated volunteers provide many valuable services to the community including the following:


▪  Make vacation home security checks

▪  Visit the homebound (You are Not Alone – YANA)

▪  Enforce handicapped parking regulations

▪  Patrol in marked SVP vehicles

▪  Conduct residential and business security surveys

▪  Assist in locating Alzheimer’s patients


Volunteers undergo a background check, receive training to perform their duties, and are asked to work a minimum of six hours per week.  Volunteers are always needed.  If you’re interested in becoming a senior volunteer at the Pine Valley Substation, contact Deputy Eli Curran at (619) 938-8400.


Learn more about the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Program



Mission Statement:  To conduct meaningful and constructive dialogues between the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and citizens in the Rural Enforcement Division on law enforcement concerns, issues and priorities and ensure that the citizens’ expressed concerns are addressed in a collaborative and effective manner.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department initiated the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) based upon the recognition that members of the community are an integral part of any law enforcement strategy.  The department knows the community has insights and perspectives that can assist Sheriff's deputies control and prevent crimes in the communities they serve.  Thus, the CAG provides a forum to encourage open communication between law enforcement and the community.  The Pine Valley CAG hopes to foster a greater sense of ownership on behalf of the citizens in addition to a greater sense of collaboration with law enforcement officials in the east county.