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Food Services and Commissary

The Sheriff’s Food Services Division provides food services for the San Diego County Jails. At the heart of the operation is a 38,000 square foot centralized food production facility capable of preparing and packaging over 40,000 meals per day. Meals are prepared using a modern “cook-chill” process. They are then distributed to the facilities where they are reheated and served. Inmates are served three nutritionally balanced meals each day.

The Sheriff’s Department’s Food Services program is considered one of the most progressive in the nation, and has received many awards for its quality and efficiency. In addition to serving the inmates and staff of all seven jails, meals are provided under contract to the Probation Department facilities. This partnership represents a tremendous value for the citizens of San Diego County. The Sheriff’s Food Services Division is operated in accordance with Title 15 of the California Administrative Code, American Correctional Association regulations, and the California Uniform Retail Food Facility Law (CURFFL).


Inmates may purchase a variety of commissary items to be delivered to them in their housing units. Each inmate receives a copy of the Commissary Order Form and can place orders once each week. The items available for purchase include but are not limited to: snacks, hygiene products, stationery, reading glasses, phone cards and over-the-counter medication.

The cost of commissary items is comparable to convenience store prices and is purchased using money from the inmate’s account. Money is maintained on the inmate’s account from cash that they had at the time of arrest and through subsequent deposits from family and friends. Deposits may be made to an inmate’s account at the Information Office of any Sheriff’s detention facility or by visiting

Inmates may have a maximum of $500.00 on their account at any one time.

Inmates are limited to a bi-weekly purchase not to exceed $100.00 per order.

Once a week, inmates with an account balance of less than two dollars will receive a package containing two stamped envelopes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a pencil, deodorant and soap.