President Bud Silva, Honorary Deputy Sheriffs' Association
San Diego County Honorary
Deputy Sheriffs' Association

The goal of the San Diego County Honorary Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (HDSA), founded in 1974 by former Sheriff John F. Duffy, is to assist the Sheriff of San Diego County with the duties and responsibilities of his office, as well as promote all law enforcement activities in San Diego County.

The HDSA continues to focus on providing the much-needed funds for education, training and equipment for all our law enforcement agencies in the County. In the thirty-four years the HDSA has been serving the San Diego County law enforcement community, it has contributed more than $4.8 million through projects and donations.

The HDSA is comprised of approximately 720 local business and community leaders, committed to supporting law enforcement throughout the county. Through the generous donations of time and money from our members, the HDSA is uniquely positioned to offer assistance to local law enforcement agencies, enabling them to carry out their missions safely and efficiently.

The 2008 Board of Directors was able to make significant strides toward its goal of supporting local law enforcement and collectively raised or contributed more than $287,000 to the law enforcement community:

  • $37,000 – for education tuition for Sheriff’s personnel
  • $130,000 – for 100 new Motorola Radios for Search and Rescue
  • $40,000 – for repairs and maintenance for the Miramar Tactical Training Facility, also known as Duffy Town

  • $80,000 – raised to support the Sheriff’s Museum and Educational Center
Additionally, the HDSA owns and operates the Sheriff’s Museum in Old Town, which educates and provides a historical perspective of local law enforcement to the thousands of children and citizens who visit each year.

The HDSA is the premier law enforcement support organization in the country, and we are proud to be considered partners with our Sheriff’s Department. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2009, as we continue to look for opportunities to serve and support their mission.


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