Assistant Sheriff Kim Quaco
Court Services Bureau

The San Diego Sheriff’s Court Services Bureau (CSB), provides security services for the third largest court system in the United States. The San Diego Superior Court system is comprised of:

  • 128 judges
  • 24 commissioners
  • 10 court facilities
  • 4,200 square-mile region serviced
  • 3.05 million residents impacted
  • 600,000 civil and criminal case filings each year
CSB operates with a budget of nearly $54.6 million dollars; $32.4 million of which is derived from a contract between the Superior Courts and the Sheriff’s Department for the provision of security services. A total of 305 full-time employees are assigned to court security-related duties within the Superior Courts, which makes it the largest service contract administered by the Sheriff’s Department.

CSB’s additional responsibilities include the safe and timely movement of in-state, federal, and county prisoners to and from court appearances, medical clinics, funerals, and local and out-of-county warrants. In 2008, the Prisoner Transportation Detail transported 214,600 inmates and logged over 699,000 miles.

Residents and businesses in San Diego County utilized services by CSB to help serve civil process and enforce court orders. Criminals are also frequently apprehended through warrants of arrest served by CSB personnel.

Deputy keeping watch in the courtroom Additionally, CSB is responsible for the provision of security services at the County Administrative Center (CAC).The Sheriff’s Department has been providing this service since 2002. The CAC is host to approximately 325,000 public visitors a year who are screened for weapons prior to admittance. This historic site accommodates approximately 1,000 County employees and elected public officials who rely on Sheriff’s personnel for their safety and security concerns. CSB continues to provide relevant training for all building tenants to include personal security, critical response and emergency evacuation drills.

In providing diligent security, CSB staff confiscated over 20,000 potential weapons while screening nearly 4 million individuals who passed through courthouse weapons screening stations during 2008.

In 2008, the Sheriff’s Court Services Bureau, Civil Unit processed 70,180 documents and $22.8 million in fees and collections. It also generated more than $2.8 million dollars in revenue.

The civil unit handles processes such as temporary restraining orders, evictions, wage garnishments, bank levies, summons, claims, real and personal property levies and sales. This unit handles a high volume of customers in person and via telephone.


  • In San Diego County, domestic violence remains a serious problem affecting women, men, and children. In the past, victims of domestic violence had limited information regarding restraining orders. The CSB partnered with other agencies to enhance and increase efficiency and accuracy in obtaining and processing domestic violent orders. The Sheriff’s Department has enhanced customer service by providing an Internet web page which provides critical restraining order information. A domestic violence/temporary restraining order (DV/TRO) informational packet has been developed and is linked to this web page that provides a variety of resources for domestic violence victims.

  • The Court Services Bureau has utilized the Sheriff’s REVERSE 9-1-1 System to alert and provide direction to court employees during critical incidents in their courthouse and during evacuation drills.

  • The Court Services Bureau has consolidated our Field Services Unit under a central command. This leadership allows greater flexibility and efficiency in serving the courts and the public. A major result of central command is a total of 2,576 warrants cleared in 2008.

  • During 2008, the CSB Investigation Unit reviewed 34 threats to judicial officers, conducted 2,288 follow-up investigations, and worked 725 extradition cases. Through the bureau’s efforts the County realized a savings from individuals that waived extradition. Additionally, the Investigation Unit has worked with the Department of Justice to identify judicial threat subjects who may have attempted to purchase firearms.

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